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This is a custom rifle display case I made for a customer. Both top and bottom lock. Made from white oak. All joinery was done using my Ryobi miter table and Ryobi router. I started by planning and jointing the rough cut white oak, then ripped the material using my Ryobi table saw model RT530. cut all the material to length the cut rabbets and dados using my Ryobi table mounted router model RK 163 and table model A25RT02. Sanded all parts to 220 grit and assembled with glue only as this display will just sit on a mantel. Cut a blank and routed parts for feet, ripped to size , sanded and installed. Stained in golden oak and used several coats of clear coat to protect the piece. The bottom is used to hold ammo and the top will have a Eagle scout display rifle inside it.


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Rich Jones

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Upload Date: 03/30/2012

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 20 hours